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Troy Edwards National Record Executive  Managing Director of UMG / 2019 Black Men Image Awards "  Record Executive of the Year & MBQ 2019 The Inaugural Economic Influencer "Music Entrepreneurship Award" IG Awards King and Icon of the Year / works with BET Awards & Hip Hop Awards / Soultrain Music Awards / ABC The Platform -Executive Producer /CEO 3HP RECORDS/3HP APPAREL /CEO 3HP Marketing & Promotions  President of IUU TV OVNTV Cable Network / 3HP  Eblast Services ..Michael Jackson Redemption movie Executive Board Member &  Executive producer of the Movie Soundtrack  ...Working on 7 upcoming movies starring 1.Keanu Reeves,Michael B Jordan and Samuel L Jackson 2. Idris Elba 3. Vin Diesel ..Coming Soon Michael Jackson Movie and New World Order ..Christian Base Movie

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