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On Jan 10, 1973 a young man name JOHN ANTONIO JOYNER came into this world not knowing that he was a BLESSED CHILD to b a blessing to others. As a child being raised by his grandparents coming up n the church surrounded by music and good old fashioned singing, John fell deep n love with singing, playing musicial instruments and a little preaching as well- growing up as a child and going through teenage years into young adult stage John has had to endure some hard and tough times but THE BLOOD that Jesus shed on that cross reminded him that no matter what he faced and no matter if people let him down HE FOUND A FRIEND and his name is Jesus,  and once he realize that this friend was true and had lots of love to give HE LET HIM IN- as John continue to step out on faith believing and trusting n Gods word he tells the world that we BETTER GET READY and get ourselves right because God is WATCHING OVER YOU and me, by John traveling up and down the dangerous highways, he can truly say that God is and God will STAND BY ME because of all that he has given John,  God DESERVES ALL OF THE PRAISE- now John is truly a chosen vessel by God,  all of these songs r John's life story and his testimony will b someone else's breakthrough,  with all that John has been thru n his life he wants to encourage everyone to get NEAR THE CROSS receive the glory that God has for them because once they received they will find wonderful,  glorious and santified rest beyond that river, sign off: PASTOR JOHN ANTONIO JOYNER aka JUST J and PROMISE. And most recent achievements include radio station owner first solo album “HE DESERVES THE PRAISE “, and newest release “HE WILL ANSWER PRAYERS”. He truly thanks God for the struggles and the pain as well as the sunshiny days.

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