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Jay Williams is the youngest of 6 and from New York. He is from a full musically inclined family. His father was a pastor and a lead guitar player. He started out on drums and then acquired a love for the bass guitar.  He was the drummer for several COGIC churches in New York. Jay was the founder of the group, God's Devoted Ensemble. 

Jay went on to continue is love for music in helping others become a manager, a promoter, a song writer, a musician and a radio personality. At first, when asked to do radio, he declined; but one day, he did it and started with an one hour show. Then, it went to a two hour show and now on 300 plus stations world wide. 

Jay has a Multi-Award Winning/Nominated show and station. He has been nominated for multiple awards, including The Stellars and Rhythm of Gospel. He also has a TV show, which airs on over 10 networks and growing. Out of everything he does, he wants people to know he is a Man of God and a Man of Integrity. He loves radio and being able to give indie artist a major platform. 

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