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I was born into traditional gospel singing and it has sustained my life; therefore, I feel compelled to share this music with others. For over ten years, I worked with We Care Gospel as a support personnel, learning some of the business of promoting. The Supreme 7 of Florida peeped my energy and took a chance on letting me grow as artist relations personnel…what an honor and privilege.  In 2014, I co-launched Right Touch Promotions to add flavor to the gospel industry. I have been blessed with an awesome team to help artists expand their territories with knowledge and possibilities through seminars, showcases, live recordings, and more. In 2018, Make It Gospel Broadcast was formed and is now on five internet stations several days weekly. 2019, I accepted the opportunity to co-host The Gospel Belt LIVE on internet television…another opportunity for gospel artists to expand their music ministries. Right Touch Promotions not only allow growth for artists; but many of our events open doors of networking for small businesses to network with artists and promoters as well. 

I sincerely believe...

“We grow stronger and better…together.”

~Lady Fran

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