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My Name is Carissa B. I am a mother of 4 children and a wife of 18 years to Thomas B. I hold two degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice. I am currently studying for a Master in Praise/Worship. I have been in Ministry for over 20 years and I am working in the office of an Evangelist. We have an active Family Ministry called TCB Ministries, we do a lot of outreach programs. I am a Branding/Management Resource Coach called Kingdom Relations Branding Music Group.  

Currently, I am Radio Programmer for 8 radio stations and an TV / Radio Network Owner of Throne Connections Bridging  Network.  I own 5 award nominated and winning  radio stations. One of our radio station is a Women radio station called “Behind the Brokenness “. This is also the title for the women conference we have annual as well.  I am an co Author of a bestseller book called 31 ways of Influence. Something that I am passionate about is Worshipping. I am a part of an Mult- Award Winning group called, Not Easily Broken-NEBS.  

Currently, I am writing a book called “Chronicles of a True Worshiper”. I am forever grateful for every moment that I get to service our Lord and I’m so humble to be on this amazing journey with Kingdom Builders.  

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