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2020 Winners

  1. Best Graphic Designer-Malika Smith 

  2. Magazine of the Year-tie Divine Connections and River & Word Magazine 

  3. Author of the Year-tie Rica Nadine and Hezekiah Morris

  4. Best Teen Artist-Lenae&Zariyana B 

  5. Song of the Year Contemporary- tie We Win-Catrina Reese and I’m the midst of it all-Darryl Bass 

  6. Song of the year traditional-I’m Free-James Mable Jr

  7. TV Host of the Year-Orlando Miller 

  8. Emcee/Host of the Year-Drina Penn

  9. Southern Gospel Artist of the Year-Darlene Watts Howard 

  10. Choir of the Year-Lawrence Thomas & Voices of Faith Community Choir 

  11. Spoken Word Artist of the Year-Minnie Carter 

  12. Group of the Year Contemporary-Unrestricted Praise

  13. Best Stage Play-Cutting Up in the Barbershop 

  14. Internet Radio Announcer of the Year-Robert Barnes

  15. Actress in a Stage Play-Stephanie Holloway 

  16. Actor in a Stage Play-Desmond Mosby

  17. Praise/Mime Dancer of the Year-Spiritual Butterflies 

  18. Major/Medium Station of the Year-WPGN Atlanta

  19. Producer of the Year-Danny Freeman

  20. Director in a Stage Play-Wanda D

  21. Major/ Medium Radio Show-Gospel Explosion Show with Annette B 

  22. Internet Radio Show of the Year- Donna Walton Show tie The Jay Williams Show 

  23. Promotions/Marketing Group of the Year-3HP Promotions 

  24. Medium/Major Radio Announcer of the Year-Drina Penn

  25. Music Video of the Year-Prodigal Son-Jonah Run 

  26. Best New Artist-Melody Pesina tie J Souls Creation 

  27. TV Station of the Year-All Nations Tv 

  28. Comedian of the Year-Aunt Mable tie Stephon Smith

  29. Female Quartet traditional-Adoration 

  30. Male Quartet Contemporary-Voices of Affirmed Odyssey 

  31. Male Quartet Traditional-Doc Mckensive & Hi Lites

  32. Internet Station of the Year-KDOM Radio tie Throne Radio Connection 

  33. Holy Hip Hop Artist-4 G tie Theo White 

  34. Female Vocalist Contemporary-Neva Ford Nations 

  35. Male Vocalist Contemporary-Reggie Campbell 

  36. Female Vocalist Traditional-Wendy Peterson 

  37. Male Vocalist Traditional-Jeffrey Newberry tie James Mable Jr 

  38. International Artist of the Year-Enny Okosun 

  39. Group of the Year Traditional- The Virginia Aires tie Divine of Annapolis 

  40. Artist of the Year Contemporary- Jorad Holmes tie Minstrel Appointed 

  41. Artist of the Year Traditional-The New Pearly Gates 

  42. CD of the Year Traditional-Made in Augusta Live at the Bell Auditorium The Swanee Quintet 

  43. CD of the Year Contemporary-Going In Jesus Name Melva Williams 

  44. Record of the Year Traditional-Redeemed Min Rashod J Caldwell & Dominion

  45. Record of the Year Contemporary- Amanda Lynn

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